2019 Election Conference Disruption

The Events that led up to the 2021 Election Controversy might be traced to the 2019 NC NAACP Conference & Election.

A small faction, led by three Branch Presidents & a State Conference Vice-President , disrupted President Spearman during a business meeting at the altar of Rev. John Mendez’s host church; Emmanuel Baptist Church of Winston-Salem.

A branch president from Raleigh-Apex had to be escorted from the sanctuary by the Winston-Salem Police. The Convention reconvened the next morning at a large downtown Hotel in Winston-Salem.

The Police, based on the actions the previous night, assigned several officers to the Hotel where the Candidates, as according to Article IX, presented their platforms to the voting delegates, with President Spearman presiding.

The police, based on their observations the night before and to maintain order for the hotel guests, instructed one of the branch presidents to vacate the premises. President Spearman, the target of the assault previously, graciously asked the officers to allow the man to participate.

Grace prevailed that morning, and President Spearman prevailed in the election. But a faction was born that may explain why our filings were ignored, misplaced, and certainly not read nor subjected to an unbiased investigation.

Videos of what happened at the 2019 conference are shown below. Please pardon the very low quality audio captured in some of these videos.