On October 21st 2021 The Atlanta NAACP issued a letter, signed by Atlanta NAACP President Richard Rose, condemning Kasim Reed for his poor previous performance as Mayor, listing seven specific ways that the Former Mayor had failed the city in general, and the African American community in particular.

Subsequently the NAACP General Council sent a letter ordering Branch President Rose to cease and desist from issuing endorsements or condemnations.

On October 26, Atlanta NAACP President Richard Rose Apologized and rescinded the letter condemning Former Mayor Reed.

However, The Atlanta Branch of the NAACP called Former Mayor Reed out very specifically on the issues. In the same way NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson called out former President Donald Trump as racist.
Also in the same way Rev. Dr. Spearman did to NC Governor Roy Cooper when he camped out across the street from the Governor’s Mansion for months to secure pardons for wrongfully convicted prisoners.

Calling politicians out on the issues is one essential way that this organization speaks truth to power.

We want to point out the hypocrisy of the national organization in bulling the state and local chapters for doing the very principals on which the NAACP was founded!