NC NAACP Faith and Community Leaders Coalition call for Internal Accountability and Action to correct the North Carolina NAACP Unconstitutional 2021 State Elections.

Press Conference held Friday, January 7th, 2022 10:00am – 11:00am

As 2022 begins and the National NAACP’s New Year’s resolution is a call to expand the field resources for fair voting rights for Black and Brown communities, internally, the National NAACP’s failure to conduct a 2021 Constitution Election for the NC NAACP State Conference, disenfranchised the membership of the strongest and largest state conference in the nation. Late in 2019, the National President/CEO, Derrick Johnson placed the NC NAACP State Conference of Branches under Administratorship.

The National NAACP Constitution and governing documents provide timelines, guidance, processes for voting for officers of the State Conferences and the branches within the state conference. Additionally, if elections are unfair the National NAACP Constitution and By-Laws provides guidance for election controversy. The 2021 Election Controversy Complaint filed by delegates, candidates, and members of the NC NAACP, was met with a stench of voter suppression for members, candidates, and delegates. The unconstitutional response to the complaint, brings us here today.

Our call is to ask for a constitutional fair re-election in NC NAACP State Conference of Branches and for the National NAACP to follow the Constitutional and By-laws of the National Organization with adding the proper governance of electronic voting.

List of speakers:

  1. Amos McClorey
  2. O’Linda Watkins-McSurely
  3. Curtis Johnson
  4. James E. Avent
  5. Desmond Duncker

Attendees at this virtual press conference included noted attorneys, parliamentarian, NC NAACP members, some delegates from 2021 NC NAACP State Convention.

Media Contact: Rev. Dr. Cardes Brown – Justice Coalition, 919-764-0142