“A Better Way”
Travel Ban/Advisory

The lack of democracy is visible in the bills https://bit.ly/3NfNZUZ passed during the Florida legislative session, which infringe on our Constitutional rights. https://bit.ly/3qSnkWp “A Better Way” – an alternative to the political decision of a travel ban – would have been to connect the dots and realize that what is occurring in Florida is not an isolated situation: These same issues are plaguing states and localities across the nation.

America has a $25 trillion economy where Black and Brown people command a buying power of more than $3 trillion in spending to help support and help sustain the country’s economy and infrastructure. In the wake of the sporadic political decisions championed by the Governor of Florida, followed by the NAACP’s announcement of a travel ban targeted at that state, we must have some dialogue
on “A Better Way”. We must strategically pursue intentional economic means to support Black/Brown businesses and organizations across the United States.

We have a duty to uphold the values of equality and justice for all, and fight to create a positive sustainable impact, in the face of human moral failings. https://bit.ly/3JiaZ4v

In the service of the Lord, Jesus Christ,

Reverend Dr. Cardes H. Brown Jr.